Naturopathic Detox in Sydney

Time To Detox

Detoxification is often recommended to remove accumulated toxins from the body.

These toxins may either be inherent in the food you are eating, from drug use or environmental pollutants, or from the products of digestion, which have not been completely detoxified by the liver or eliminated from the body. The collecting and depositing of toxins may manifest as cellulite, poor circulation, upper respiratory congestion, including sinus congestion, skin eruptions, weight gain or fatigue. Detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce the intake of toxins and to facilitate their elimination.

The results are increased energy, improved circulation and digestion, strengthened immunity and reduced stress.


There isn’t one detox for everybody.

At View to Health, a special detox program will be personally designed for you.

It is important that you can keep to the detox regime, and for this reason it may vary from two days to one week so that it will be practical for you to undertake.
The detox is based on vegetable juices and is accompanied by a homoeopathic treatment for the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, which are the main organs of elimination. At the same time, the detox regime contains alkalising components, which will assist the immune system and the waste removal process.

Irregular or sluggish bowel function is treated with natural remedies to ensure the waste is properly eliminated. Help undo the damage wrought by bad habits, poor diet and medication.

A detox program at View to Health can help you achieve

  • Improved health and vitality
  • Better concentration
  • Clearer, glowing skin
  • Improved sleep quality
  • More regular bowel function
  • A well-functioning immune system with less recurrent infections
  • Weight loss with reduction in food cravings and addictions

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