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Naturopathy is a modality of the natural therapies which encompasses nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and homœopathy to treat the whole person, not just the disease symptoms. It embraces the healing power of nature. Naturopathy aims at restoring the vitality of the individual, as poor vitality is associated with low resistance and disease tendency.

Herbal Medicine is a safe, effective treatment, which harnesses the medicinal properties of plants to address many health problems.

As well as relieving symptoms, herbal medicine helps restore normal functioning to the organs involved and so treats the cause of the illness.

The medicines at View to Health are prescribed to suit the needs of the individual and we ensure that they do not interact with any orthodox medicine which you may be taking.
We have a comprehensive herbal dispensary of high potency, full-strength fluid extracts as specified by the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Western, Ayurvedic and Oriental herbs are employed and the medicine is formulated to give the most effective results. Herbal medicines are also available as tablets or powders.

To provide a more powerful healing effect, homoeopathic medicines are sometimes included.

Homœopathy is a treatment method designed to help the body heal itself by activating the body’s own defence systems.

It is based on the principle that any natural substance will in minute amounts cure the same symptoms in a sick person as it will cause in a healthy person. The aim of treatment is not to eliminate the symptoms of an illness, but to strengthen the body to effectively deal with the cause, with the symptoms diminishing as a consequence.


Herbal treatment requires the additional support of the proper diet to be effective. The energetics of food, as is the case with herbs, is a means of balancing the biological humours (“doshas” in Ayurveda). This will alter according to the doshic imbalance, the seasonal variations and the stage of life, and so the diet will need to be adjusted accordingly. The energetics of food can be changed by cooking them, adding spices or by preparing them in oil.

In order to establish health and treat disease in Ayurveda, the person’s biotype must first be established. The biotype determines how we as individuals are predisposed to certain diseases and how we respond to disease. When the bio-energies, which make up the biotype, are out of balance, the disease process occurs. Each biotype tends to manifest disease symptoms with characteristic properties in specific parts of the body and has an inherent weakness in these areas. Any imbalance in the bio-energies must be addressed for the healing process to take place and the treatment will be chosen according to the biotype and not according to the symptoms of the disease per se.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system which has at its foundation the concept of the three doshas, or three different basic types of constitution. These are based on the concept of all the six elements in the body being in balance and indicate disease tendencies which can occur when they are out of balance.

At View to Health, we combine diet, herbal medicine and
lifestyle advice to suit the individual constitution.


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