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Foods that fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a major health issue that can lead to serious health disorders such as diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and dementia amongst others. A common cause of this chronic inflammation begins with inflammation in the gut caused by foods which have not been properly digested, by allergens and by parasites in the gut which have not been removed by the body’s defence systems. This can lead to auto-immunity and disruption of the ...


Another Powerful Anti-oxidant: Green Tea

Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring compounds in foods that inhibit inflammation, help slow down the ageing process and help prevent chronic diseases, especially cancer. Anti-oxidants assist the defence mechanisms which enable your body to fight infections and diseases. Another herb, which has been enjoyed as a beverage for more than five thousand years, is green tea. The three types of tea: green, black and oolong, are made from the leaves of the same plan...


The Traditional Turmeric Health Drink

JAMU KUNYIT is the traditional Indonesian wonder juice with family recipes handed down through generations for over 5,000 years. This elixir has claims to treat all manner of illnesses, including liver and kidney disorders, heart disease, skin diseases, depression and preventing metastases in cancer. There are many variations on this recipe, but here is one of them: Ingredients 200g turmeric, peeled and sliced 100g tamarind, peeled and inner fruit used 20g...


Trans Fatty Acids – Which vegetable fats are the healthy ones?

We have been told that vegetable fats or oils are healthier for us than animal fats, but do we know the difference between these various vegetable fats? Firstly, to distinguish between fats and oils, we may think that oils are healthier, and most oils are vegetable oils. Fats, by definition, are solid at room temperature and oils are liquid. This relates to their chemical composition, and most fats are saturated, having single bonds between the carbon atoms, and oils are unsaturated, having a n...


Let’s Go Coconuts!!!

Coconuts are nature’s source of glowing health and healthy fats. Every part of the coconut entails an endless stream of ideas. Coconut water can be made into drinks or taken straight up, or incorporated in a variety of recipes as a substitute for milk. The flesh can be grated and used to flavour dishes, or mixed with the water to make coconut cream, which can be used in curries and sauces and piña colada. Coconut butter and coconut oil can be used in cooking or in recipes that require butter ...

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