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After the cold winter months, we all look forward to outdoor recreation, and enjoying the revival of nature with spring blossoms, butterflies and sunshine. It is also the time for the revival of our senses, and the sunshine brings us a burst of energy. However, for many of us, spring is also the season of hay fever. Hay fever is seasonal and chronic. It often results in a recurrent infection, where the mucous membranes are over-sensitised to pollen, resulting in a runny nose, constant sneezin...

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What sort of natural therapies are available for children? What about homœopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, shiatsu, remedial massage, ear candling, reflexology and nutritional therapy? All natural therapies are suitable for children. However there is less compliance with herbal medicines than with homœopathic medicines which are tasteless and are administered as drops or as pillules dissolved under the tongue. Children usually have difficulty swallowing t...

Ayurvedic Elements

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system which has as its foundation the concept of the three doshas, or three different basic types of constitution. It is based on the concept of all the five elements of the body being in balance and indicates disease tendencies when they are out of balance. In order to establish health and treat disease in Ayurveda, the person’s biotype, or dosha, must first be established. The biotype determines how we as individuals are predisposed to certain diseases and h...


Start the New year with a Detox!

Have the festive season’s events and indulgences left you with a toxic overload? Or a weight overload? You can help undo the damage wrought by excesses in your enjoyment style over the last few weeks, or last few years, by doing a detox. Even if you think that your eating and drinking habits have not been unusual, you may ask: Are you tired? Gaining weight? Noticing cellulite? Having skin breakouts? Getting sinus congestion? Being more prone to infections? Help reverse th...


Can I be Vegan on a Paleo Diet?

Since animal based foods are central to the Paleo diet, and major vegetarian and vegan sources of protein are excluded, it would be difficult for someone who is vegan to follow this diet strictly. Vegans rely on a combination of legumes, seeds, nuts and high protein grains for their protein sources and these are excluded on a Paleo diet. So the Paleo diet is not very accommodating to the vegan (or the vegetarian). The Paleo diet is based on the principle of being nutrient-dense and less toxic...

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