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Blueberries are full of health benefits and help brain function, reduce inflammation and protect us from infection. Blueberries are very small but loaded in nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. They are very low in carbohydrates, unlike some other fruits, and contain high levels of anti-oxidants, predominantly bioflavonoids. The active component of these flavonoids is anthocyanidin which has powerful health benefits. The most notable of these benefits is their abili...


Have a Date and Lose Weight

They have been used medicinally for over 8,000 years and still not out-dated. Dates contain an array of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and fibre. Rich in magnesium, dates help regulate the cardiovascular system. Rich in potassium, they help lower blood pressure. They strengthen the bones, reducing the incidence of osteoporosis. They are satisfying when you need a sugar hit and, due to their high fibre content, do not raise the b...


More Benefits of Coconut Oil

Even though coconut oil contains almost 90% saturated fats, these are not harmful in the way that other saturated fats are. Moreover, they improve our cholesterol profile, by reducing total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, compared with soybean oil. Coconut oil reduces the likelihood of the cholesterol in the body being oxidised. It is useful as a sunscreen and has been shown to block out about 20% of the sun’s UV rays. Coconut oil consumption has also ...


Let’s Go Coconuts!!!

Coconuts are nature’s source of glowing health and healthy fats. Every part of the coconut entails an endless stream of ideas. Coconut water can be made into drinks or taken straight up, or incorporated in a variety of recipes as a substitute for milk. The flesh can be grated and used to flavour dishes, or mixed with the water to make coconut cream, which can be used in curries and sauces and piña colada. Coconut butter and coconut oil can be used in cooking or in recipes that require butter ...


Trans Fatty Acids – Which vegetable fats are the healthy ones?

We have been told that vegetable fats or oils are healthier for us than animal fats, but do we know the difference between these various vegetable fats? Firstly, to distinguish between fats and oils, we may think that oils are healthier, and most oils are vegetable oils. Fats, by definition, are solid at room temperature and oils are liquid. This relates to their chemical composition, and most fats are saturated, having single bonds between the carbon atoms, and oils are unsaturated, having a n...

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