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I’ll Drink to That!  

Most of us enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner or a beer with our mates around the barbie, but how do we know when our social indulgence takes over our lives completely? We are told that red wine in moderation is beneficial to the heart, but moderation is the operative word. It is not how often we drink, because the French and Italians drink wine every day with their meals wishing each other health and the Germans and the Scandinavians skol their schnapps. It is not just how much we drink eit...


Why Eat Organic?

Most of us choose organic produce for various health reasons: for the higher nutrient content, or so as not to ingest agrochemicals with resultant adverse reactions, or because organically produced crops do not interfere with the biosphere of bees, worms and other beneficial species, or just because they taste much better. However, there is another most important reason to eat an organic diet which has been recently revealed. The substances that plants produce to protect themselves fro...


Metabolic Acidosis and Digestive Problems

There is currently a rise in over-acidity in the body, known as metabolic acidosis, which is causing an increased incidence of digestive disorders including bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea and lower abdominal pain. Metabolic acidosis occurs when the body produces too much acid, or when the kidneys cannot efficiently remove or neutralise this acid. This may occur despite normal blood pH and bicarbonate levels. The tendency to consume more red meat, sugar, alcohol, coffee and refine...


Is the Paleo Diet right for me?

The Paleolithic, or Paleo diet, is based on the foods that the caveman in the Paleolithic era supposedly ate. This period in history, also called the Old Stone Age, extends from 2.4 million to 15,000 years ago and it is presumed that the caveman’s diet included only foods that would have been hunted or gathered, and animal-based protein is central to this diet. Foods included are vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, meat, eggs and seafood. It excluded grains, dairy products, legumes (incl...


Can I be Vegan on a Paleo Diet?

Since animal based foods are central to the Paleo diet, and major vegetarian and vegan sources of protein are excluded, it would be difficult for someone who is vegan to follow this diet strictly. Vegans rely on a combination of legumes, seeds, nuts and high protein grains for their protein sources and these are excluded on a Paleo diet. So the Paleo diet is not very accommodating to the vegan (or the vegetarian). The Paleo diet is based on the principle of being nutrient-dense and less toxic...

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