Our Services

  • Health screening using iris imaging
  • Iris photos, analysis and report
  • Metabolic type identified with dietary recommendations
  • Detoxification program to suit your lifestyle
  • Nutritional assessment and essential supplements recommended and supplied
  • Specially designed diets for weight loss, diabetes, food intolerances, auto-immune conditions etc. Menus and recipes provided
  • High strength medicinal herbal mixtures dispensed on the premises
  • Pathology and allergy tests arranged

Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? There is no one diet suitable for everybody. Successful weight loss is achieved by combining the right foods for your metabolic type. At View to Health there is a weight loss solution for you. We have a variety of healthy and delicious meal options wi...



Detoxification is often recommended to remove accumulated toxins from the body. These toxins may either be inherent in the food you are eating, from drug use or environmental pollutants, or from the products of digestion, which have not been completely detoxified by the liver or eliminate...



Naturopathy is a modality of the natural therapies which encompasses nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and homœopathy to treat the whole person, not just the disease symptoms. It embraces the healing power of nature. Naturopathy aims at restoring the vitality of the individual, as poor vitality...



Understanding Our Iridology Service in Sydney Iridology is the study of health by examining the colour and markings of the eye, the iris, which reflects the health of the body and its ability to recuperate from illness.  Iridology reve...

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