“I had endured 13 cycles of IVF with no success and 9 cycles over 2 years. I was quite exasperated as I was approaching 40. Over a 12 year period I had been treated by several naturopaths. I eventually went to see Lynne at View to Health and she put me on a tonic and nutritional supplements and both my husband and myself on a sensible eating plan as a result of which we both lost weight and had more energy. With the following viable egg collection, the transfer was successful and I have now given birth to beautiful healthy twins, a boy and a girl. We are overjoyed with our miracle babies!”

Poppy D.

“I had glandular fever for ten weeks with enormously swollen glands and extreme tiredness. After a week on Lynne’s herbal and homoeopathic treatment the glands had gone down considerably, I felt a lot better and went back to work. On the next visit the glands had completely gone down. I’m eating better and have so much more energy now.”

Carly S.

“I have had asthma for many years with wheezing and breathlessness, relying heavily on conventional medicine. At View to Health Lynne put me on a 6 day Detox diet with homoeopathic drops followed by a herbal medicine. I seldom have the wheezing and breathlessness now and have reduced the puffer to once a day.”

Pamela T.

“I was prescribed NSAIDs by my GP for gout and subsequently developed a stomach ulcer. Lynne at View to Health gave me a herbal medicine, a diet and natural anti-inflammatory supplements and my stomach ulcer cleared up and I stopped taking the NSAIDs. Lynne then gave me a natural treatment for gout and after a few weeks the gout became less apparent and soon disappeared. I have not had a flare-up of gout for over five years now.”

Ray B.

““I had psoriasis on my scalp and elbows, and eczema on my back and legs. The itchiness was driving me crazy. I didn’t want to take cortisone or other prescribed medicine. After four weeks treatment from Lynne with a herbal medicine and a ream to apply to my skin, the eczema has cleared up and the psoriasis has practically gone.”

suzy p.

“I am doing fantastic thanks to you. I haven’t had hay fever or a secondary infection, as a result of persistent hay fever, in months.
Awesome result. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in my fatigue.
My son did so well on your allergy treatment that the dark circles under his eyes went away for the first time in years. The treatment also helped clear his sinuses and prevented any colds from getting worse.”

Tracy C.

“Before coming to see Lynne at View to Health, I had been suffering from breathlessness and a dry irritable cough. After two weeks on herbal medicine I could breathe better, the cough cleared up and I had an amazing increase in energy.”

Dorothy B.

“I had been suffering from fatigue for twenty years. Lynne carried out an iris analysis with a detailed report including inherited tendencies to various health problems and weaknesses in certain organs. I found the report very informative. After two months of treatment, which included a herbal bowel cleanse, and a herbal tonic, my energy levels are remarkably better. I don’t feel fatigued now.”

Carol L

““I was having severe coughing attacks in a damp room where I was working. After following Lynne’s naturopathic treatment I don’t have the cough now and don’t have the bronchial infection as I was before.”

Cheryl A.

“I was feeling run down and wanted my skin to look healthier. I also suffered from indigestion. Lynne showed me on the computer screen the signs in my eyes corresponding to digestive function, kidney function and lymphatic efficiency. She gave me a diet with a herbal mixture and supplements and my digestion and energy improved considerably. On the next consult I was given a 6 day Detox diet followed by a naturopathic treatment. Now I feel much more energised and my skin is much clearer.”

Sally C.