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Are you suffering from blocked and inflamed sinuses? Have you tried every sinusitis remedy you can think of? Look no further than View to Health’s naturopath sinusitis relief.

Sinusitis is a debilitating disease characterised by inflammation of the sinuses, where drainage of the sinuses is partially blocked by congestion and mucosal oedema. The resulting stasis allows a bacterial infection to persist. The subsequent mucosal congestion results in pain, which is often debilitating. Symptoms include a headache over the forehead and an aching face. Some of the symptoms of sinusitis may not even be recognised as originating from the sinuses.

Sinusitis sufferers sniffle and have post-nasal drip, so they have resultant sore throats and often have an infected digestive tract. Due to the post-nasal drip and the swallowing, mucous ends up in the stomach, preventing the complete digestion of proteins, resulting in allergies. This is due to the partially digested proteins being recognised as foreign antigens by the body’s immune system and antibodies being produced in response. By treating the sinusitis, your naturopath will address the consequent allergies. Your naturopath will also prescribe a digestive tonic to ensure proper digestion of food in the stomach. There is no point in treating the consequences of the sinus infection, such as headaches and allergies, separately without first treating the sinusitis.

Sinusitis Symptoms and Causes

Sinus sufferers have increased susceptibility to colds and frequently have a dry, irritating throat. It is normally in the spring and autumn that they come to their naturopath for sinusitis relief.

The dry sinus sufferers have constant headaches and a painful blocked nostril. With blocked nostrils, it is difficult to smell your food, and the aroma of food better enables acid to be released in the stomach to activate the digestive enzymes and to break down the proteins. Bitter herbs stimulate the body’s digestive enzymes and will also help to address bad breath caused by bacterial infection in the stomach. There are also homeopathic remedies for post-nasal drip which your naturopath will prescribe for sinusitis relief.

Sinusitis sufferers also don’t sleep well because they often wake to blow their noses, and can also have sleep apnoea and snore and disturb their partners.

The causes of chronic long-term sinusitis include pollution, dust, tobacco smoke, enlarged adenoids, allergy, rhinitis, damp cold weather, tooth infections, trauma and aeroplane flights. Structural causes include a deviated nasal septum. Excessive mucous discharge is often caused by a reaction to dietary triggers such as dairy, salt and wheat products, and stasis is aggravated by an inadequate fluid intake. Those with chronic sinusitis should avoid antihistamines and steroid-based decongestant drugs, as these depress the immune system.

Naturopath Sinusitis Remedies: What You Need to Know

Naturopathic treatment for sinusitis involves supporting the immune system with herbs that fight infection and anti-catarrhal and mucolytic herbs to help clear the stasis. One of these herbs, golden seal, is anti-catarrhal and antimicrobial and helps restore the mucous membranes. Garlic and horseradish are beneficial and can be incorporated in the diet.

Chronic sinusitis may represent a vicarious elimination where the normal channels of elimination are not functioning effectively. This may be caused by poor lymphatic drainage or under-active kidney function. Lymphatic drainage remedies and diuretic herbs may be indicated.

There are also naturopathic remedies for sinusitis causing post-nasal drip. Vitamins A, C and E and the mineral zinc are very important to protect the mucous membrane and need to be administered in the correct dosages. Your specific herbal formulation can be made for sinusitis relief by your Sydney naturopath.

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