Naturopath for Anxiety in Sydney

Do you have anxiety depleting your energy and disrupting your life?
As well as causing fatigue, anxiety can also cause digestive upset, insomnia and diminished concentration.

Even though it may have been triggered by an emotional event, neurotransmitter imbalances occur in the body, and these metabolic and cellular factors may be determined by pathological testing. These tests can be arranged by our naturopath for anxiety in our Sydney clinic. We then correct these imbalances with specific supplements, being metabolic precursors to these neurotransmitters.

There are receptors in the brain, which are involved in anxiety responses, and specific nutritional substances have a direct influence on these brain receptors to switch off the symptoms such as palpitations, panic attacks, nervousness, restlessness and tremors. One such natural and nutritional supplement, used in anxiety natural treatments at our Sydney clinic, helps form the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and carbohydrate cravings are all associated with low levels of serotonin. The administration of the precursor, together with specific vitamins and minerals, has been shown to be effective in treating these disorders as well as insomnia, which is associated with this condition.

Apart from serotonin, other neurotransmitters are also involved with this disorder. Our naturopath provides you with specific natural, nutritional supplements and specially formulated herbal treatments at our Sydney clinic. These herbs are safe and do not dampen alertness. This, in conjunction with an appropriate diet, alleviates your anxiety and helps restore your energy levels.

We address this issue with natural anxiety treatments at our Sydney clinic, as these do not develop dependencies, and do not have adverse side-effects. We want you to enjoy life and not be overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

To speak to a naturopath, contact our Sydney clinic View to Health on 9555 5626.

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