At View to Health, we help to optimise your fertility.

When you come to us for natural fertility treatments, your naturopath first makes an assessment of the nutritional and hormonal status of both partners. A preconception program is designed to provide the optimal conditions for conception. This includes the correct diet, supplements and fertility herbs for each partner. Hormonal and genetic testing is also available.

Where IVF is a consideration, we advise on hormonal and genetic tests and provide naturopathic support leading up to and during egg collection, transfer and the ensuing pregnancy. We aim to reduce the risk of miscarriage and help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Our patients trust our naturopath in providing the best women’s health services Sydney has to offer.

Poppy D.
“Hi Lynne, it’s J.B. here. Just wanted to let you know some lovely news that I have fallen pregnant (naturally which was wonderful). I have no doubt that your fertility remedies and advice helped get me in the best possible shape for conception.”
“Hi Lynne, I had a little girl and she is beautiful. J.B.”

J. B.. viz.

Suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome? Our naturopath can help

If you are experiencing mood swings, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders or breast tenderness for a few days before the period, we have a naturopathic solution to the PMS blues. This prevalent syndrome is a consequence of a disproportionate increase in oestrogen levels and a derangement of other hormone, neurotransmitter and prostaglandin function. The result can be quite debilitating to women’s health.
By normalising the hormonal balance with a naturopathic and dietary treatment, these symptoms can be overcome and you can feel normal again.

Fertility treatments for Sydney women mwith Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is characterised by increased androgen levels with disruption of the ovulatory cycle. The hyper-secretion of leutinising hormone and inadequate secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, with inadequate follicle development, can result in menstrual abnormalities, acne, abnormal hair growth and difficulty conceiving. PCOS is associated with insulin resistance and the increased incidence of obesity. Ultrasound and hormone testing will determine the severity of the PCOS.

At View to Health, our naturopath will formulate a treatment to help restore the hormone balance and to improve insulin resistance. This will alleviate symptoms and, at the same time, help you to lose weight. The result will improve your fertility.

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