View to Health is a naturopathic clinic in Balmain, offering a range of services from prominent naturopath and dietitian Lynne Goldstein.

A highly regarded naturopath for women and men in Sydney’s inner west, Lynne has been in clinical practice for over 30 years and has post-graduate university degrees in biochemistry and clinical nutrition and has lectured in colleges in both Sydney and London.

Naturopathy treatments for women’s health

When you are looking for naturopathy for digestive disorders, the practice addresses food intolerances, IBS and ulcerative colitis as well as fatigue and allergies such as hay fever and sinusitis.

In addition to providing treatments for a range of digestive disorders, Lynne Goldstein is also a Sydney naturopath who offers fertility treatments as well as treatments for PCOS and other women’s health issues including anxiety, depression, fatigue and mood swings related to hormonal imbalances.

To discuss your unique needs, please contact one of the leading naturopaths in Sydney’s inner west today.

The Balmain clinic is situated 2 minutes’ walk from public transport and has free parking.

Is it time to consider naturopathy for your digestive health?

At the View to Health clinic, Lynne offers comprehensive health solutions based on diet, herbal and nutritional medicines.

  • PATHOLOGY and GENETIC TESTING for parasites, food allergies, candida, hormones, neurotransmitters.
  • Individually designed DIETS for food allergies and sensitivities, gluten and dairy intolerance, candida, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, vegan, detox, weight loss, with menus and recipes.
  • HERBAL MEDICINES formulated and dispensed on the premises.
  • IRIDOLOGY reflects the state of your health as reflected in the markings in your eyes and assists in determining underlying health issues.

To speak to a naturopath in Sydney regarding natural health treatments, digestive disorders or a range of other health issues, please contact the Balmain clinic today.

Ph: (02) 9555 5626 or 0419 416 256

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Lynne Goldstein

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MSc Dip Nut&Diet Dip Nut ND DHM Dip Irid ATMS NHAA

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